Bits & Pieces

So, as for every story for each weblog – there is a person, often disturbed, having something to share or to promote to others. There is no difference here – something to share and something to promote by the guy born as very young and stupid, grown little bit older in meantime (still stupid – no changes there), living in Belgrade and working as Marketing “burek” delivery boy and coffee maker.

At night, when he is at home, drinks Jacobs and write some PHP code using Symfony framework.

Occasionally, talks to people.

Most of the time – wasting the time. On several occasions, had a few ideas, all pronounced as stupid. 🙂

The weblog? He is known as guy who speak to much but never say nothing. This is his attempt to speak something.

Very stupid idea as well…

This is how you can get in touch with me:

Name: Nikola Svitlica
E-mail: thecelavi (at) gmail (dot) com
Skype: thecelavi