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Didn’t have too much time to keep writing about TV advertising – I was busy doing some testing and development of the software for creation of the optimal TV advertising plan. In previous lessons, I have glorified the Reach n+ index for the performance overview of the TV advertising plan – I was soooooo wrong! New index should be introduced, and I have figure out that from the tests results that I have conducted for the previously mentioned software



As I previously said, I was working on testing of the software and model that provides optimal TV advertising plan with the aim to maximize Reach+ index. The tests are done, so I am sharing the results in the following text.


I have several posts on this blog regarding the TV advertising and TV advertising plan. In those posts, I explained how things works, and I have a drawn some attention on the issues that emerges from the way how the things are done today.

In cooperation with my mentor on PhD studies, Milan Stanojevic, and with Dragana Makajic-Nikolic (Faculty of Organizational Science, University of Belgrade) I have worked more than one year on software that should, based on provided data, output the optimal TV advertising plan, completely automatically, based on the advertising strategy.

We have created the series of tests, based on the executed advertising plan provided by media agency (done by media planner – a human). We intend to beat the media agency by providing better TV advertising plan. I am running those test now, and I must say – the results are just fucking amazing!!! We are beating their crap out of their TV advertising plan.


I have seen the retweet from one of the Serbian trend setter regarding the election campaigns that are being executed right now. The message was warning to the parties that last minute village visits or road buiding/reparing will not pass/be welcomed by the population on the social networks (or something like that, I can not remember clearly).

So, how strong this warning actualy is?

I have explained why is the Reach+ most important index in post buy analyses, and why this index should be the goal of the media planner in the process of the creation of TVC airing plan. Again – I will emphasize: this is not the case in the real world for two reasons:

1. Human brain can not process such amount of data
2. There is no software that can calculate the optimal TVC airing plan in real time (YES – this is for shore!)

Because of these constraints, there is one thing that bothers me, and I would like to share.


It is required to prove that Reach+ is the only important index that has to be observed in post buy analysis. This index will show how much money is wasted in process of creation/execution of TVC airing plan. Now, this is not the only reason of money waste – I have already stated that if Universe is larger then Target Universe, in common case each TV show will have larger gross audience than target audience – and is something that can not be avoided, the consequence of that is money waste in each TVC airing. But TVC airing plan is something that is under direct control of the media planer and there is always an optimal solution for that problem which maximize TVC advertising effects and minimize the airing costs.


The major issue regarding the creation of the optimal TVC airing plan is the fact that it is based on decisions made by media planer and wrong goal (this is too harsh and not completely true, my bad, sorry) that he is trying to achieve. Those decisions are mostly according to his experience and TG insights regarding certain shows that are included in TVC airing plan. What he tries to achieve is maximum possible TRP points for invested money (this is to harsh too – media planer does have Reach+ on his mind, but not as primary goal because he can not follow up with such amount of data). Well, this sounds fine at first – at least, almost everybody in this business will not to even try to challenge this media planer’s primary goal. Why? I do not know…

Media planer should not try to achieve maximum possible TRPs in the budget constrain, it should try to achieve the best possible Reach+ index.

Somehow, I do not know why, everyone in this business does not pays much attention to this index – and fact is, this is the only index that should be subject of interest. Reach+ is the most important index in TV airing.