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PHP: Void and Null are (not) same thing

Posted: December 13, 2016 in Programming
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Sloppy code is not always a result of bad and lazy developers, sometimes, language runtime can be the one who to blame. One of the examples is PHP and how it treats “void” and “null” in non-strict mode.



My best friend is diabetic. But she is very responsible about it. Except she drinks alcohol occasionally… A lot of alcohol… Two days ago, I was down town to kill few bears with her. Well, I was quite fast so I had to go home before midnight (Friday, work, tired), but she stayed with couple of friends until dawn. Tomorrow, she was not able to go to the training with me. And reason for that was, well, she reboot her body – like she really hit the reset button, her glucose level was below 1!!!


The shortest wisdom that I ever heard

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Miscellaneous

If you want to know with what kind of person you are dealing with – provide it with power. Bad person will never step out of possibility to abuse it.

Now, lets talk a little bit more about the strategy. To be more precise, TV airing strategy. Not that I underestimate the power of the other communication channels – few times in my short carrier it has been proven, per example, that Internet has been more efficient in terms of sales rather than TV. Then again, that depends on type of products/services that you wish to sell, and of course, the market.

TV is the interesting one, since it consume a lot of money and usually it propagates the message in most swift manner to widest audience. So, here are some of my own experiences.  (more…)

Have you ever meet a designer? Hell I say! There is no more difficult people as designers… Good damn artists, some times you want to shoot them into head! Nevertheless, you got to love them when they doing their job.


One of the thing that you should expect by working in M&A is horror of misspelled words. It consumes you so much. You will probably get enormously stressed about it. All around you will judge every letter that have been wrongly put on anything – POSM, RC script, TVC script, contract, letter, email, invoice… Everything!